Do you have experience with business plans, finance, marketing, management or anything else related to setting up and running a business in your country?
There are many entrepreneurs here ​that need your advice. Your guidance will make a real difference to their success!


How it works:


It’s easy! Our platform does the work for you. The system will find business plans that match the information you entered in your mentoring profile. You will find these matches in your mentor dashboard. Make sure you have completed your mentor profile as much as possible to increase your chances on finding an interesting business.


Excited to get started? Check out the simple steps on how to create your mentor profile:


  • Select the button Start Here on the homepage of this portal
  • Choose a role: Select Mentor, and add as much details as possible to the form
  • Complete your mentor profile: The more complete your profile is, the better your chances of finding an interesting business to help set up
  • Search for interesting business proposal, and offer to mentor the entrepreneur!


Have a look at our Video Tutorials and our FAQ’s to get you started. Need more help? Don’t hesitate to send us an email at!